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Darmiyan's Video Won a MedTech Innovator Award


The founding CEO of Darmiyan, Padideh is a 2020 Fortune 40 under 40 global healthcare leader/ influencer, and a 2018 TEDMED Hive Innovator. She has been leading the Company for the past 5 years, taking the technology through multiple stages of development, from conception to a functioning product. Under her leadership, Darmiyan team has achieved widespread recognition in the biomedical and life science communities, through numerous awards and partnerships. Padideh is a world-renowned geometrical modeling expert with an outside-the-box thinking approach to complex problems. Her major skill is to put things into context and visualize the big picture (story-telling). Prior to starting Darmiyan, she was an Adjunct Assistant Professor at New York University, School of Medicine, where she previously completed three years of postdoctoral training in biophysical neuroscience, 2010-2013, under supervision of Professor Charles Nicholson, the scientific father of brain microstructure modeling. Padideh got her PhD in biological physics from Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden in 2010. Her PhD thesis entitled “Biophysical mechanisms underlying cellular homeostasis” provided a non-classical explanation for the relationship between cell structure and function. In her free time Padideh enjoys teaching Persian classical music and writing blogs, including the Psychology Today series on Cognitive Future.
Padideh Kamali-Zare
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Dr. Kaveh Vejdani, is a nuclear medicine physician, who directs Darmiyan's FDA and patent submissions and presents often to leading medical research meetings in neuroradiology (ASNR), neurology (ANA) and on Alzheimer's about the company's novel technology. He sub-specialized in PET/CT and PET/MR from Stanford University and NYU Langone Medical Center. He has been a savvy computer programmer since the age of 13, coding numerous problem-solving projects in computational mathematics, physical simulations, and medical image processing. Kaveh received his MD degree in 2003 and performed his postdoctoral research at UCSF, followed by clinical specialty training in nuclear medicine at St. Louis University. His professional experience ranges from tissue engineering (stem cells and biomaterials) to radiology and molecular imaging. In his free time, Kaveh enjoys playing violin and chess and making iPhone apps.
Kaveh Vejdani
Chief Medical and Technology Officer
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Thomas, co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Darmiyan, is a microscopy expert with world-acclaimed innovations in fluorescence imaging techniques, including live cell imaging, super-resolution single molecule tracking and high-resolution whole organ imaging. He has a wide range of experience in neuroscience, molecular biology, biochemical engineering, and nanotechnology and is steadfast in maintaining his scientific methods to ensure quality, clarity, and value in all aspects of technical development and data analytics at Darmiyan. Before joining Darmiyan full-time, he was a postdoctoral associate at The Rockefeller University in New York, working in the lab of Paul Greengard, Nobel laureate in Medicine. Thomas received his PhD in neuroscience from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden in 2013, with a thesis focused on developing and applying innovative advanced imaging methods to reveal dynamics of protein trafficking in the brain and their impact on neuronal function.
Thomas Liebmann, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
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Darmiyan Scientific Advisor Dr. Ahmad Salehi is winner of the World Technology Award in the field of Biotechnology and an Adjunct Professor at Stanford Medical School, Palo Alto California. He is also the Director of Research in a non-profit in the San Francisco Bay Area which partners with a large number of academic and industry leaders for the use of human biospecimens for research. His M.D, Ph.D. education is supplemented by more than 6 years of postdoctoral training at the Netherlands Institute for Brain Research and Stanford Medical School. Dr. Salehi also has a number of patents by the Stanford Office of Technology Licensing which have been licensed to outside entities for testing in clinical trials.
Ahmad Salehi, MD, PhD
Darmiyan Scientific Advisor
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Mary Furlong, Ed.D, Mary Furlong Associates' president and CEO, is a leading authority on the longevity marketplace. She has guided the business development and marketing strategies of leading corporations, emerging companies, and nonprofit organizations for more than 30 years. Her list of clients/sponsors includes AARP, CareLinx, Ziegler Link•age, Embodied Labs, Home Instead, Inc., iN2L, Nationwide, Ageless Innovation, Constant Companion, LifeBio, and GetSetUp. Mary founded MFA in 2003 to help socially and consumer-conscious companies understand the real needs of this growing market. Furlong launched the What’s Next brand of events, which includes the What’s Next Washington Innovation Summit, the What’s Next Academy, and most recently the What’s Next Living Longer, Better, Smarter podcast with veteran reporter Fred Fishkin. She has secured over $170 million in venture financing and corporate sponsorships for companies with products and services to serve the needs of the boomer/senior marketplace. Next Avenue named Mary one of its “2016 Influencers in Aging,” She is also a past winner of the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s “Top 100 Women of Influence” award, and the author of Turning Silver into Gold: How to Profit in the New Boomer Marketplace.
Mary Furlong
Longevity Tech Strategist
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